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'Road to COP26' Initiative

The membership organisation and representative body Marine Energy Wales today announced their ‘Road to COP26’ initiative to engage and participate in a series of targeted events and activities in the lead up to COP26, showcasing the emerging offshore renewable energy sector in Wales and highlighting the contribution the sector can make to net-zero.

Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

September is a busy month in the emerging offshore renewable sector this year and provides an excellent start point for the ‘Road to Cop26’ initiative which aims to demonstrate the sector’s capability and ambition to align with the goals of COP26.   The initiative will serve in highlighting how the Marine Energy Sector in Wales can deliver on climate change targets.  The ‘Road to COP26’ presents a platform to showcase the members within Marine Energy Wales and the emerging marine energy technology that forms a key part of the output.  Whilst the organisation is based and operates within Wales, this initiative will also demonstrate the international reach and relations of Marine Energy Wales, an important component towards a collaborative approach that COP26 is promoting.

Jess Hooper Programme Manager at Marine Energy Wales commented, “With our vision to create a thriving and diverse Marine Energy Industry in Wales, whilst making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy; It was a naturally progressive decision to design an engagement initiative that centred around the objectives of COP26. The very nature of our work is inextricably focussed on securing net zero and keeping 1.5 degrees within reach”.

Marine Energy Wales is involved with numerous marine renewable energy technology development projects, but in particular, the Selkie Project is a €4.2m cross-border project aiming to boost the marine energy industry in Wales and Ireland. The project serves as a shining example of the collaborative approach needed in order for countries to pull together as we address the pressing issues of climate change brought about by carbon emissions.

When asked about the ‘Road to COP26’ initiative and how it aligns with the Selkie Project , Dr Jimmy Murphy, Selkie Coordinator commented, “A key goal of the Selkie project is to demonstrate the benefit of cross-border, cross institute collaboration, and to show that this is essential for the development of the MRE industry. It increases knowledge transfer, improves the innovative capabilities of SMEs, prioritises networking and it is clear from the high levels of investment in this sector, on both sides of the Irish Sea, that this is a priority for the region. MEWs knowledge and experience in dissemination and communication has been successfully employed in the Selkie project and has been beneficial to both the academic and industry communities in Ireland and Wales.”

The outline of the ‘Road to COP26′ initiative will be to inviting members and stakeholders of Marine Energy Wales to support COP26 by committing to participate in 26 activities/events between now and the end November. The table below shows the first 6 planned events of the ‘Road to COP26’ initiative and associated messaging:

Event Date Location Message prepared for use

Selkie ‘Meet the Experts’ manufacturing for marine Energy

2nd September


In the first of our #26forCOP26 we are promoting the benefits of cross border collaboration to the benefit of the MRE sector.


Supergen Net Zero conference

1st – 3rd September

Online Learning about current energy research as a means of contribution to net zero. #26forCop26 #WeSupportMarineEnergy


5th – 9th September

Plymouth, UK Attending the EWTEC conference provided a wealth of knowledge transfer and debate at the cutting edge of marine renewable energy technology. #26forCOP26 #WeSupportMarineEnergy


RUK FLOW conference


15th – 16th September


At the FLOW conference in Aberdeen, we’re delighted to see the Celtic Sea being discussed with MEW members BlueGemWind signed up for #26forCOP26 #WeSupportMarineEnergy

Selkie ‘Meet the Experts’ Raising Investment

16th September


Today’s Selkie ‘Meet the Expert’ event was highly informative on raising investment and shines a light on how finance can be invested in Wales to support climate goals #26forCOP26 #WeSupportMarineEnergy

Celtic Sea Cluster Launch

28th September

Cardiff Today we’ll be launching the Celtic Sea Cluster, a key platform for our supply chain to engage with to meet the needs of the Celtic Sea FLOW development. #26forCOP26 #WeSupportMarineEnergy

Marine Energy Wales’ ‘Road to COP26’ initiative will be promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn,  #26forCOP26 and #WeSupportMarineEnergy. Follow the initiative and wider workings @MarineCymru on twitter and @Marine Energy Wales on LinkedIn.