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The Hendry Review into tidal lagoons was released last week providing strong support in backing not only Tidal Lagoon Power’s £1.3 billion project in Swansea Bay but also the wider wave and tidal stream sector.

The independent report into the viability of tidal lagoons said they would make a strong contribution to the UK’s energy supply as well as bringing significant economic opportunities. The report finds that the technology would contribute positively towards the UK’s decarbonisation goals whilst also fostering local economic regeneration.

Whilst backing the tidal range sector the report also supports the wider marine energy industry highlighting significant economic benefits, and recommends a strategy which brings the industry together in order to address each challenge as it emerges. Mr Hendry states,

“Marine energy technologies offer an energy opportunity where the UK can reasonably aspire to be the global leader, with some substantial supply chain opportunities to match it.

Whilst wave technologies are further behind tidal technologies, the UK should be promoted as a centre of global excellence and opportunity for the development of all marine energy technologies, where appropriate giving a central focus to the work of organisations like Marine Energy Wales and Wave Energy Scotland.”

On this conclusion David Jones, Project Director of Marine Energy Wales comments,

“It is really positive to see the Hendry Review highlighting the opportunities for the marine energy sector as a whole. There is now an active industry in Wales looking at tidal range, stream, wave and floating offshore wind. This innovative sector is supporting supply chain diversity, resilience and clustering. It is providing new low carbon jobs and playing a key role in supporting peripheral economies. What is really exciting is we have an opportunity to export Welsh and UK skills and knowledge to what is becoming a global market.”

Mark Shorrock, Chief Executive of Tidal Lagoon Power welcomed the Hendry Review,

“The Hendry Review has set the final piece of the jigsaw in place: a watershed moment for British energy, British manufacturing, British productivity and our coastal communities.  We look forward to working with Ministers and Officials to bring this new industry to life.”


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