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School Resources

We aim to inspire future generations by nurturing an early interest in the growing renewable energy market.

Aimed at teachers, our introductory resources are pitched at both primary and secondary level, complete with fun follow-up exercises designed for the classroom.

Take a Deep Dive into marine renewable energy!

Primary School Resources

We have developed our online education resources which we invite you to download and use. These materials are freely shared, but are required to be credited. Featuring an introduction to Marine Energy PowerPoint (with notes), along with a follow-up exercise.

Available in English and Welsh.

Secondary School Resources

A presentation covering marine renewables: Tidal range, Tidal Stream and Wave energy converters. Pupils investigate how these technologies are being developed to tackle the challenges of climate change and resource depletion.

Split into two sessions with built-in animations and Assessment for Learning (AfL) questions. Content covers elements of the WJEC GCSE Double Science Award module 1 and WJEC GCSE Physics module 3. Additional material is included to help pupils understand how the technology works, including an animation of electromagnetic induction.

The materials cover renewable forms of generation, the role of the national grid and the need to balance supply and demand. A Sankey diagram is provided for a generic tidal stream generator. Advantages and disadvantages of each form of marine energy are discussed. The challenges of siting generators in the marine environment is covered, along with their potential to contribute to the electricity grid reaching net-zero.

Teachers notes are provided on the slides.

A follow-up sheet (pdf) is provided with comprehension and assessment style questions.

Available in English and Welsh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You may adapt and share the content of these presentations to educate about marine energy.  You are required to acknowledge Marine Energy Wales if you do so.