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Wave & Tidal

With guaranteed revenue support from the UK Government now in place, Wales is leading the way in tidal stream projects.


Tidal Stream

We have a specialist base up in North Wales to work alongside the Morlais Tidal Demonstration Zone off the coast of Anglesey.



Pembrokeshire has the best wave resource in Wales, and is home to the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone, a future home for commercial-scale wave development.


Tidal Range

Wales is home to the second largest tidal range in the world, with a Welsh Government commitment to enable a first-of-it’s-kind tidal lagoon.

Support for the future

Wave energy is still a costly, emerging sector, but the rise of Floating Offshore Wind presents a huge opportunity for multi-use technology and integration. Through our conference, working groups and one-to-one support, we connect the sector so that Welsh-based wave energy developers, like Bombora and Marine Power Systems, can reap the benefits.