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2017 will see the inaugural Marine Energy Wales Conference taking place in Swansea and Tidal Lagoon Power have been confirmed as a Gold Sponsor for the event.

Building on 7 successful years of Marine Energy Pembrokeshire seminars this year’s conferences marks the introduction of Marine Energy Wales, a partnership working in collaboration to establish Wales as a centre of excellence for sustainable marine energy generation. Marine Energy Wales was launched to represent the marine energy industry at a national level and to drive forward development as Wales seeks to become a global leader.

The event, which has always been fully booked, will this year be held in the Liberty Stadium on 30th March with Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure delivering the keynote speech. Highlights from the programme include topics such as the €100.4 million of EU Structural Funds prioritised for marine energy in Wales, the progress taking place in the two array scale Demonstration Zones, current projects across the country and future plans for the industry.

Confirmation of Tidal Lagoon Power as a sponsor for the event comes less than a week after the Hendry Review into tidal lagoons was released providing strong support in backing not only Tidal Lagoon Power’s £1.3 billion project in Swansea Bay but also the wider wave and tidal stream sector.

In his report Mr Hendry stated,

The UK should be promoted as a centre of global excellence and opportunity for the development of all marine energy technologies, where appropriate giving a central focus to the work of organisations like Marine Energy Wales and Wave Energy Scotland.”

The conference will feature a focus on tidal lagoons and Tidal Lagoon Power will be hosting a walking tour the day before the event (on 29th March) to show the location and site for the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon.

Ioan Jenkins, Development Director for Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay said:

“Home grown power from our tides is something that we can all agree on. With the publication of the Hendry Review, Wales now has a very real opportunity as a “centre of excellence” for sustainable marine energy generation. We are therefore proud to be Gold Sponsors of the Marine Energy Wales Annual Conference 2017 as it is important to promote marine energy across Wales and Europe and contribute to a sustainable, home-grown energy industry that can be low cost, low carbon, and long-term.”


Early bird tickets are currently on sale at a special discounted rate for short time only.

More information about the conference and Tidal Lagoon Power’s site visit can be found on our website –


This press release can be downloaded here.