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Key Asks

We have developed a number of clear political asks to enable the sector and deliver on Wales’ ambition.

Marine renewables:

  • Offer an untapped solution to tackle climate change.
  • Contribute to a diverse and resilient energy mix.
  • Provide jobs and opportunities to regenerate coastal communities.
  • Can position Wales as a world-leading expert in this field.

In order to deliver a clean, green, prosperous future for Wales, we call for:


A UK Government revenue support mechanism that delivers commercial scale projects at a realistic market price, incentivises local supply chain development and promotes a clear line of sight for investors to support project pipelines.     


Provision for a Welsh Government specific revenue support mechanism for budding projects in Wales, to bridge the gap between grants and the UK Government Contracts for Difference scheme.


Grid and Port Infrastructure investment and upgrades to enable gigawatt scale deployment in Welsh waters by the mid-2030s, simultaneously unlocking the regional value chain.


Supply Chain regional coordination from Welsh Government to maximise local opportunities, and attract inward investment to grow domestic supply chain capability.


Increased resourcing of Natural Resources Wales to enable streamlined consenting processes to keep pace with commercial timescales.


Continued collaboration and funding support, with a focus on emerging offshore renewable energy technologies.


Progress on Tidal Range through the Welsh ‘Tidal Lagoon Challenge’, to develop a competitive support package enabling a first of its kind pathfinder project.

Our Mission

Supporting a future powered by the ocean.