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Floating Offshore Wind

Marine Energy Wales is spearheading the development of Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) in the Celtic Sea.

What you need to know

Offshore wind will become the backbone of our future energy system, requiring 100GW of installed capacity by 2050. Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) will make up half of that.

In the Celtic Sea

Powering half of UK’s 50 by 50 target


Created from FLOW by 2050

Into the Economy

Predicted UK GVA (Gross Value Add) from FLOW by 2050

The Celtic Sea

The Celtic Sea is vital to achieving that target. To ensure Wales maximises the opportunity at the scale and pace required for net zero, we host the Celtic Sea Developer Alliance – a membership body representing Floating Offshore Wind developers in the Celtic Sea, creating a strong singular voice to influence Government and Regulatory Authorities. Our FLOW Project Manager oversees all Celtic Sea Developer Alliance activities.