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Policy Framework

Our work contributes directly to the Welsh Government’s sustainability and climate change goals and legislation, including the Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015), the Net Zero Wales Plan, and the Welsh Government’s ambitious proposal to meet 100% of Wales’ annual electricity consumption from renewable electricity by 2035, and reach Net Zero by 2050.


A clear framework for the sustainable use of our seas to manage marine activities and support the planning process.


Marine Energy Wales contributed significantly to the Welsh Government deep dive into scaling up renewable energy deployment in Wales and helped develop consenting guidance notes to assist developers.


The development and commercialisation stage for emerging technologies is particularly expensive. Wave, tidal and floating offshore wind rely on government incentives – known as the Contracts for Difference Scheme – to top up the market price until the costs and energy prices begin to fall. In 2015 the UK Government withdrew key subsidies that secured a route to market, slowing the deployment of renewables across the UK. In 2021, key subsidies were re-introduced, with a ring-fenced pot set aside for tidal and floating offshore wind. This investment is now helping to provide a clear line of sight for the scaling-up of renewables in Wales.


Laying the foundations for Wales’ decarbonisation roadmap to net zero by 2050, including a target for 1 GW of renewable energy generation capacity to be locally owned by 2030.

Well-being Future Generations Act (2015)

Enshrining sustainability into statute to deliver seven well-being goals to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

Our Mission

Supporting a future powered by the ocean.