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The UK’s largest annual event dedicated to marine renewable energy.

Visit our #MEW2024 event page to see why the Marine Energy Wales Conference is an unmissable opportunity to help shape the future of marine renewable energy in Wales, and connect with industry leaders, experts, researchers, and policymakers.

With calls for speakers, sponsors and exhibition opportunities open, tickets on sale from 10am, 21 September!

2023 State of The Sector Report

Marine Energy Sector in Wales soars with £103.4 Million Investment over the last year.

Highlighting the remarkable progress and achievements of Wales in the marine renewable energy sector. With a focus on infrastructure, supply chain, skills, and training, the report showcases Wales’ determination to become a global leader in this field.

What is Marine Energy?

Our coastline’s natural resources – wind, waves and tides – have tremendous potential to produce cheap, clean energy and support thousands of new jobs in the renewable sector.

Marine Energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries with the power to transform our coastal communities and deliver long term economic, social and environmental benefits.


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Our Mission

Supporting a future powered by the ocean.


Marine energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) and Tidal Stream are poised to be at the forefront of the opportunity for Wales.


in Wales’ marine energy sector to date.

full-time jobs created

and that’s just the beginning!

Economic Opportunity

for Wales in the next 5 years.


OF THE Economic Benefits

will be in rural, coastal areas

Wales’ Story

The waters off the coast of Wales have some of the best wave, tidal and wind energy resources in Europe. All of these can be harnessed to generate clean power to help us reach net zero whilst protecting our valuable marine habitats. Fostering a thriving, diverse marine energy sector means generating power from multiple sources:



Moving water carries kinetic energy which can be captured by wave energy devices.



Predictable and reliable, tidal energy offers a near continuous power supply.

Offshore Wind


Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) uses floating structures tethered to the sea bed and will become the backbone of our future electrical energy system.

What we do

Marine Energy Wales connects, represents and champions the marine energy industry in Wales.