Marine Energy Wales


Working in collaboration to establish Wales as a global leader for sustainable marine energy generation

Demonstration Zones


Home to Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone and West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone



€100.4 million EU structural funds prioritised for marine energy in Wales

Welsh Ports


World class deep water port facilities and support provided by 8 major Welsh ports

World Class Supply Chain


A supply chain with experience in constructing and deploying Wales’ first tidal energy device

Marine Energy Wales


Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

The benefits of this industry are being felt throughout the country with the creation of green sustainable jobs, growth and skills providing significant development opportunities for Wales.

With €100.4 million of EU structural funding prioritised for marine energy in Wales over the next 5 years, two wave and tidal stream Demonstration Zones, seabed agreements in place for three separate wave and tidal stream projects, and a number of proposals for significant tidal range projects, Wales is well positioned to play a global leading role in marine energy.


Marine Energy Wales welcomes the new Senedd term

Marine Energy Wales is delighted to welcome the Welsh Government’s new cabinet and offer our congratulations to those elected and re-elected as Members for the next Senedd term. In particular, we are pleased that the First Minister Mark Drakeford, Minister and Deputy...

Senedd Election 2021: Key asks for Senedd candidates

Marine Energy Wales has created a two-page election briefing to help raise the profile of the sector across all Senedd party candidates. This concise briefing demonstrates the benefits the sector can bring and aims to increase candidates understanding and appreciation...

Senedd election 2021: Summary of political parties manifestos

Political support is crucial for the development of the emerging offshore renewable energy sector.  Our summary of manifestos focuses on the key commitments made by the Welsh political parties to support tidal stream, wave, tidal range and floating offshore wind...

The country has a number of factors that make it an ideal location for marine energy development with up to 6.2GW (over 10GW including the Severn Estuary) of estimated generating capacity:


  • €100.4 million of funding prioritised for marine energy in Wales
  • An indicative wave capacity of up to 5600MW
  • Tidal streams of up to 4ms-1
  • Long term, dedicated political support from Welsh Government
  • The potential for 8,720MW installed capacity from four tidal lagoons
  • 400kV transmission lines and substations located coastally at resources areas
  • Array scale Demonstration Zones in Anglesey and Pembrokeshire
  • Eight strategically located ports sited along the North, West and South coast
  • Energy sector supply chains and workforce with huge transferable skill opportunities
  • Supportive Government policy including world leading legislation e.g. Well-being Future Generations Act
  • Experience in constructing and deploying Wales’ first tidal stream device
  • Dedicated, Government backed Energy Enterprise Zones with business development incentives
  • Access to expert academic and research facilities
  • Marine Energy Wales providing a single point of access for marine energy developers interested in Wales


€100.4 million of EU structural funding prioritised for marine energy in Wales.

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Demonstration Zones

Home to the West Anglesey and the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zones.

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Significant wave and tidal resource.

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Supply Chain

Experienced supply chain and 8 major ports.

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World class research is being carried out throughout Wales.

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Current Projects

Seabed agreements in place for three separate wave and tidal stream projects.

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What People Say About Us

“The formation of this pan-Wales body to drive forward the industry and encourage collaboration between all the interested parties is very timely and very welcome. The renewable marine energy sector has real potential for Wales which is a key location for the development and deployment of new innovative technologies. We need to ensure we are in pole position to maximise these opportunities, attract investment and create jobs and Marine Energy Wales has an important role to play in helping us achieve this.”

Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure

“The Marine Energy Wales team has done a fantastic job helping to push forward marine energy in Wales, bringing together all of the key players, and getting marine energy up the political agenda. Having been involved in developing marine energy projects in Wales for over 10 years now, I have certainly appreciated the support they have provided, and this active support network is clearly something that sets Wales apart.”

Joseph Kidd, Commerical Manager, Nova Innovation Ltd

“This partnership provides a unique opportunity for the long-term development of the marine renewables industry in Wales, will create a number of jobs in Pembrokeshire and will help to put Wales at the forefront of marine energy development.”

Chris Williams, Development Director for Tidal Energy Ltd

”It is too difficult to build a new industry on your own. Developers, suppliers and public actors in marine energy has to work closely together to secure the path towards commercial breakthrough. Marine Energy Wales is the driver and enabler of such collaboration and thus plays a vital role for Minesto to succeed in our number one market, Wales.”

Dr Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto

“In 2013 Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Limited celebrate 30 years of operations based in Pembroke. Our extensive skills gained through maturity of delivering diverse projects has enabled us to gain entry into the renewable sector. Our location is well suited for the future tidal and wave generating investment opportunities. Working with key stakeholders such as MEW will potentially allow us to gain market share and promote business sustainability & growth.”

Nick Revell, Managing Director, Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Limited

“For us the conferences provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with like-minded people and supply chain companies, after all we are looking to build an industry in Wales and the event give us the chance to meet people who have similar aspirations, and who want to be a part of the supply chain for us.”

Ioan Jenkins, Development Director, Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

“Marine Energy is a critically important component of Wales future economy. We are delighted to play an important role in Marine Energy Wales.”

Gerallt Llewelyn Jones, Managing Director, Morlais