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Minesto has filed a marine licence application for its Deep Green tidal energy scheme off northern Wales.

The application together with the supporting environmental statement (ES) was filed with National Resources Wales, starting off the consultations with the Welsh government’s body in charge of sustainable management of its natural resources.

The proposed tidal energy project would be located at Holyhead Deep, a seabed area west of Anglesey, North Wales, identified by Minesto in 2012 as a suitable location for a commercial Deep Green installation.

“The application is currently out for technical and public consultation which will conclude on the 3rd and 24th August respectively. Any comments received during the consultation will be discussed and resolved with the applicant prior to a determination being made,” a spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales confirmed for Tidal Energy Today.

The application and supporting documents are available for viewing at Anglesey County Council Offices, Holyhead Town Hall and Holyhead Town Library, with the possibility of providing copies of the documents on request, according to Natural Resources Wales.

Swedish tidal energy developer plans to take a step-by-step approach for the installation of the 10MW tidal array off Anglesey, with the first step being the installation of 500kW power plant planned for 2017.

The second step will cover installations of two additional 500kW Deep Green power plants, forming a 1.5MW array including inter array cables, foundations and on- and offshore electrical infrastructure, according to Minesto.

Once completed, the full 10MW tidal array will provide enough electricity to supply the needs of 8,000 Welsh households.

Minesto’s Deep Green tidal power plant in Holyhead Deep has received the financial backing in the amount of €13 million from the European Regional Development Fund last year.

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