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MPS are working with FibreMax to provide integrated floating foundation and tendon solutions
to the rapidly growing floating offshore wind sector.

The tendon solution will be used in the anchoring and moorings of their tension leg platform
(TLP), PelaFlex, to deliver the highest system stability and zero tilt. It will be the world’s first
tension leg platform with FibreMax tendons, made with Twaron fiber from Teijin, the industry
leader in aramid fibres. Compared to traditional steel moorings synthetic cable offers a much
better strength to weight ratio, longer operational life and lower levels of maintenance.
FibreMax, based in the Netherlands, have been producing the world’s strongest synthetic
cables and supplying them to the offshore renewables industry since 2009. Their unique and
proprietary process uses endless winding technology to continuously wind parallel strands of
fibres until the right cable strength and length is reached. This creates cables with the highest
breaking load, very low stretch and lowest diameter possible.

Gareth Stockman, CEO at MPS commented, “We see our partners and suppliers as very much
part our team, and with the addition of FibreMax we are benefiting from the very best expertise
in the industry and developing an extremely credible floating offshore wind delivery solution for
the global market.”

Marine Power Systems’ floating offshore platform technology offers best in class cost
compared with its peers due to the significantly reduced system mass. Moreover, its modular
and flexible design, enables optimum local content delivery through a decentralised logistics
model. These benefits provide utility scale developers maximum flexibility between reducing
cost and increasing local economic benefits, whilst in parallel accelerating farm deployment at

Sander van Helvoort, Director Renewable Energy at FibreMax commented, “We’re proud to be
part of the Marine Power Systems team and delivering our unique tendons for the World’s first
TLP with synthetic tendons. This brings together two unique and innovative technologies, the
PelaFlex floating platform and the FibreMax tendons made with circular Twaron (Aramid) fibres
made by Teijin. While working with Marine Power Systems we’ve developed an excellent
relationship which is now formalised and will allow both MPS and FibreMax to further expand,
support and develop our relationship to deliver successful projects.”