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Marine Energy Wales is delighted to be bringing the UK’s largest event dedicated to ocean power, to Wales’ Waterfront City this year.

The Marine Energy Wales Conference takes place on 21-22nd March 2023 in Swansea Arena, with a host of exciting sessions and an exhibition area packed with organisations and leaders helping to shape Wales’ emerging renewable energy future.

With £160 million invested into the sector to date, Wales is well positioned to play a world-leading role in marine energy from offshore wind, waves and tides.

Yet with a global race on to offer incentives to clean energy investors, Wales and the UK cannot take its leadership position for granted. From flagship Welsh projects to cross-cutting research, industry insight and future careers, #MEW2023 is the industry event to find out how we stay ahead of the game.

Tom Hill, Marine Energy Wales Programme Manager said:

“Marine Energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, and the conference has grown hugely in recent years. We’re expecting more than 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors this month, with a renewed sense of political and public support towards the net zero challenge.

“We have focused on reaching out to Wales’ supply chain companies in particular, to promote the market opportunity that awaits from cheap, clean energy that supports thousands of new, renewable jobs.  From Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) in the Celtic Sea alone, we know Wales’ natural resources will be central to the UK’s net zero target for 2050.

“Roughly 1,000 turbines are needed to accommodate The Crown Estate’s ambition to deliver 24GW off the coast of Wales and the SW of England – that’s 10 new turbines a month being built for the next twenty years!”

Thanks to renewed revenue support, tidal stream projects, using the predictable natural ebb and flow of our tides, are now also on the cusp of commercialisation. Wales boasts the world-leading Morlais Tidal Stream demonstration zone being built off the coast of Anglesey, with a further announcement expected soon around the Welsh Government’s Tidal Lagoon Challenge.




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Notes to Editors:

Marine Energy Wales

Marine Energy Wales is active across a host of projects, collaborations, and stakeholders to spearhead the development and deployment of marine renewable technology. Operating as a single point of access for the industry in Wales, through our work areas in wave, tidal stream, tidal range and floating offshore wind, we:

  • Promote sector collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking 
  • Cultivate political support and policy development 
  • Attract inward investment and develop strategic cross-border initiatives
  • Inform, educate and profile raise to encourage support, skills and investment
  • Advance the development of the Welsh Test Centre Network, including through our own facility META
  • Provide bespoke assistance to technology developers and the Welsh supply chain
  • Facilitate research co-ordination in Wales


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