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Welsh European Funding Office visit Bombora Wave Power

Forefront L to R: Sue Price – Head of Programme Management Division ERDF, Sam Leighton – Managing Director Bombora.
Background: Richard Beresford – Chairman, Bart van de Ven – Non-Executive Director, Allyn Wasley – Chief Financial Officer, Erin Croot – Non-Executive Director, Dave Rigg – Chief Operating Officer.


On Monday 1st July the Directors of Bombora Wave Power welcomed Sue Price, Head of Programme Management Division, Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) to Bombora’s Pembroke Dock offices to review the latest progress on the 1.5MW mWave™ trial being conducted at Pembroke Dock.

Bombora is mid-way through the project to design, build, deploy and test and validate a 1.5MW mWave power converter off the coast of Pembrokeshire. The mWave will be fully submerged on the sea floor and is non-disruptive to ocean users and marine life while generating electricity from the wave motion.

Bombora’s Pembrokeshire mWave project, supported by a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant via the Welsh Government, has generated a significant boost to the local area by creating both direct and indirect employment, and through engagement with local supporting industries.

The visit included time spent with Mainstay Marine Solutions to observe progress on the construction of the mWave main structure, seeing Bombora’s purpose-built test tank at the Port of Pembroke to view membrane testing and meeting some of the twenty-three staff now employed at the company’s headquarters.

After the visit, Richard Beresford, Chairman of Bombora said; “The decision to establish our European headquarters in Pembroke Dock was underpinned by the Welsh Government’s support for the marine renewable energy sector. This combined with access to skilled people, great port facilities and an experienced supply chain make Pembrokeshire an ideal location for emerging companies like Bombora.

We made the right decision to set up in Wales and were very pleased Sue Price could meet with us and explain the Welsh Government’s vision for the marine energy sector. We are confident that with this support and local partnerships we can achieve great success here in Wales.”