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Wales’ Marine Licensing team is planning an in-person event for organisations from all marine sectors to get to know their team and ask questions about the marine licensing process.

The event is being held after feedback from the Marine Energy Wales conference suggested it would be beneficial for applicants, consultants and stakeholders to be able to meet the regulators.

Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Government are proposing to host an event in Cardiff on June 5th 2024, which will consist of presentations from the service, followed by an open forum. They say they are committed to engaging with marine licence service users as part of the actions arising from Welsh Government’s End to End Review of Marine Licensing.

Interested parties from all marine sectors are encouraged to register their interest in the event by emailing: before 15th May 2024.

About marine licensing in wales

The marine licensing process was established in Wales in 2009 as part of The Marine and Coastal Access Act. It regulates certain activities to protect both the environment and public health, and ensures that activities do not interfere with other legitimate uses of the sea.

In broad terms, a marine license is required if one or more of the activities below are to be undertaken in a marine licensable area:

  • Any deposit or removal of material or substance, using a vehicle or vessel. Deposits or removals by hand are not marine licensable activities
  • Construction, alteration or improvement works (including works hanging/suspended over the marine licensable area and works beneath the sea bed eg tunnels, bridges and piers)
  • Scuttling vessels or floating containers
  • Dredging
  • Incineration of objects
  • Deposit and use of explosives
  • Harvesting or growing aquaculture (seaweed or shellfish)

Welsh Government Ministers are responsible for setting policy direction, managing appeals and setting and reviewing legislation when it comes to marine licensing, while enforcement is carried out by the Welsh Government’s Marine Enforcement Officers.

In 2013, Welsh Ministers delegated the administration and determination of marine licence applications to Natural Resources Wales.

You can find much more information by clicking here.