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On Thursday 22nd April, Earth Day, Marine Energy Wales hosted a marine energy hustings for members and important stakeholders to the sector, to facilitate the understanding of the Senedd candidates’ commitments to the sustainable development of our sector. Recognising the many benefits that tidal stream, wave, floating offshore wind and tidal range can bring;

  • to drive decarbonisation and the green recovery, 
  • to align our rich maritime and industrial heritage with 21st Century needs,
  • to strengthen the blue economy potential,
  • to diversify our energy mix and make it more resilient and more predictable,
  • to bring jobs and economic prospects to those regions in need of clean, green opportunities and
  • to contribute Wales’ piece to addressing the climate emergency.

We asked our Senedd candidates questions collated from our members to understand what they would be doing to realise the ocean of wealth and opportunity that can be realised in Wales, for Wales from emerging offshore renewable energy. Covering topics such as consenting, grant funding, revenue support and infrastructure and supply chain development we hope this hustings recording provides good reference for you and a sound basis for the upcoming Senedd term!