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MarineSpace is delighted to sponsor the MEW Conference 2021. MarineSpace has sponsored the conference for a number of years and we are very impressed with how MEW has been able to adapt its approach to deliver the conference online.

MarineSpace has strong links with MEW, not least because our Pembroke Dock office is located in the same building as the Marine Energy Hub, although current circumstances have put a pause on office working. Having been a member since the early formation of MEW, MarineSpace recognises the benefits of membership and very much values the proactive and collaborative nature of MEW.

We find MEW events, such as the MEW Working Group and annual conference, excellent forums for networking and connecting with potential developers, gaining insight into their needs, and understanding how MarineSpace can provide solutions to support technology deployment in Wales.

MarineSpace is a market leading marine planning and environmental services consultancy. We work across a range of sectors including marine renewable energy (wave, tidal stream and tidal range), offshore and floating offshore wind, submarine cables, regulatory and nature conservation, ports and harbours, and aggregate extraction. Our extensive understanding of the marine environment, and our practical experience of consenting developments, enables us to provide a wide variety of services to meet clients’ needs. We have a proven track record of delivering consent applications and compliance, guidance, environmental assessments (including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA) and Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessments), GIS and data management, stakeholder engagement, and project development support.

Several MarineSpace staff have previously worked at key stakeholder organisations including Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Natural England, Pembrokeshire County Council, Marine Scotland and Cefas. This gives us a thorough understanding of regulatory frameworks, consenting processes, and potential stakeholder concerns; and means we have well‑established relationships with marine regulators.  

We have been involved in the majority of marine renewable energy developments in Wales, from the DeltaStream tidal device deployed in 2015, to supporting Morlais in the current public enquiry, and as EIA consultant for Blue Gem Wind’s floating offshore wind project, Erebus.

MarineSpace is an active participant in the recently established Wales Consenting Strategic Advisory Group (CSAG), led by MEW. We use our experience of project consenting and environmental assessments from across the UK, including Scotland, to apply learning directly applicable to projects in Wales (through the CSAG), and to assist developers. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in beginning to streamline consenting in Wales with regulators, NRW, Welsh Government and key stakeholders.

Wales is a location of choice for many marine renewable energy projects, given its strong natural resources, supportive policies and funding opportunities; as well as the established and knowledgeable supply chain that MarineSpace is proud to be part of.

Visit the MarineSpace virtual booth at the conference, or visit our website at to find out more information on services we can offer, and how MarineSpace can support your project