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The Independent Review of Tidal Lagoons will be led by industry expert Charles Hendry, supported by a team of seconded civil servants.

Charles Hendry brings a wealth of experience to the role. He was Minister of State for Energy from May 2010 until September 2012. Since leaving ministerial office Charles Hendry has undertaken a wide range of roles, including as President of the British Institute of Energy Economics, chair of the Forewind Consortium from 2013-2015, and Commissioner of the UK Pavilion at the Future Energy Expo in Kazakhstan 2017.

The review will assess the strategic case for tidal lagoons and whether they could play a cost effective role as part of the UK energy mix. The review will also help establish an evidence base to ensure all decisions made regarding tidal lagoon energy are in the best interest of the UK. Its findings are expected to be announced in the Autumn.

The terms of reference for the review were made public in the announcement of the review on 10 February.

Illustration/Artist's impression of Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon (Image: TLSB)

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Director General, Nick Baveystock, has welcomed the appointment of the former UK energy minister, Charles Hendry, to lead the UK government-commissioned review into feasibility and practicality of tidal lagoon energy in the UK.

Baveystock has also called for decisive decision following the review results expected to be announced in the autumn.

Nick Baveystock said: “ICE welcomes the announcement of an independent review into the value of tidal lagoons as a means of broadening the UK’s energy mix. Energy powers all infrastructure networks, as well as homes and businesses, so it is vital that the UK has a clear and coherent energy policy, particularly if we are to achieve legally binding decarbonisation targets.

“Independent reviews and commissions provide politicians with a strong evidence base; however, without timely decision making the independent process is undermined. That is why we call on a decisive decision following the conclusions from the Hendry Review.”

ICE is a civil engineering institution providing professional expertise in transport, water supply and treatment, flood management, waste and energy.