Supply Chain Project


Marine Energy Wales are working to unlock the supply chain potential in Wales

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Plenty of land based grid connection opportunities



World class deep water port facilities and support provided by 8 major Welsh ports

Supply Chain Project

Marine Energy Wales have been awarded funding from LEADER and the Sustainable Development Fund to investigate the potential for supply chain companies to diversify into the marine energy sector. The project will assess the supply chain capabilities of Pembrokeshire companies with the potential to diversify into the marine energy industry, and will also provide stakeholder engagement and ‘Meet the Buyer’ opportunities for these companies. 

Through our work Marine Energy Wales are identifying the extent to which relevant companies are knowledgeable about the marine energy sector and potential opportunities and whether they are capable or have the potential capability to supply the offshore energy sector. We are also investigating the perceived gaps and barriers preventing growth in the sector.

The project is split into 4 work packages:

  • Scoping and supply chain directory creation – Information gathering about potential marine energy companies.
  • Stakeholder engagement – Encouraging networking, ‘Meet the Buyer’ opportunities and answering questions about the sector.
  • Supply chain assessment – Identifying trends, undertaking SWOT, understanding gaps and barriers to market.
  • Supply chain report – Full report on outcomes and recommendations on future actions for the development of the Supply Chain.


If you are interested in getting involved with this project then please get in touch.

Stakeholder Engagement Events


September 2017

The first stakeholder engagement event was held on 14th September 2017 and featured speakers from across the UK. 150 people registered to attend and productive conversations and networking took place throughout the day. If you weren’t able to make it you can view all the presentations below:

March 2018

The second stakeholder engagement event was held on 27th March 2018 and allowed us to present the results of our supply chain assessment where we worked to identify trends, understand gaps and barriers to market and provide recommendations to assist the industry in moving forward.

Presentations from this event can be viewed below, and the full report will be available soon.