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Leask Marine

International Marine Contractors, Leask Marine Ltd, has announced that it has purchased Raptor Anchoring Ltd, the specialist manufacturers of the Raptor rock anchoring systems, to strengthen their service offer as a leading supply chain company to the marine industry.

Raptor Anchoring designs and manufactures rock and screw anchors for subsea, onshore and civil engineering applications. The purchase is part Leask’s development strategy to further enhance its services to the marine renewables and other marine sectors.

Established in 1985, Leask has become a market leader in delivering marine services, having successfully completing projects for over 32 of the world’s leading wave and tidal marine energy converters around the UK in the last 14 years, as well as supporting many infrastructure projects for the utility and offshore wind markets. Leask’s industry knowledge has enabled the team to design bespoke processes and equipment.

The Marine Energy Sector comprises of over 5,000 companies across the UK, not just along the coastline. It employs nearly 90,000 people and generates over £10bn turnover, contributing nearly £3.5bn Gross Value Added to the nation’s GDP. These marine industries, directly contribute to Gross Value Added (GVA) pa of over £17bn (source UK Marine Alliance).

In response to this growing industry need, Leask Marine Ltd has recently announced that the company is developing and manufacturing the world’s first submersible drilling rig of its kind and size. The uniquely designed drill-rig will be suitable for highly turbulent marine conditions and aims to deliver high-quality service options and significantly reduce project cost and risk for marine developers. Leask Marine is also purchasing a specialist Remote Offshore Vehicle (ROV), again to support industry, funded via the Coastal Communities Fund in Wales.

The above developments, along with the recent purchase of Raptor Anchoring, will enable Leask Marine to become a one-stop shop for marine renewable companies and with the support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and Scottish Enterprise (SE) a new source of job creation.

Raptor Anchoring was established and operated by Alan Vasey, Managing Director. The company has delivered patented anchoring solutions that deliver low carbon, mechanical solution to seabed anchoring reducing the need for grout and resins. Alan will be remaining with Raptor Anchoring and acting as a Consultant for Leask for a three year period.

Commenting on the purchase, Alan stated:
‘We at Raptor Anchors are delighted to now be working alongside Leask Marine. It is a natural fit for both companies, and we look forward to being able to continue developing the best rock anchoring solutions, to aid the marine industry’.


Owner and Director of Leask Marine, Douglas Leask added:
‘We are delighted to acquire Raptor Anchors into our portfolio of services. This and our other upcoming asset developments enable Leask Marine Ltd to remain a One Stop Shop for marine renewables companies, for the installation, operation and decommissioning of their devices. Together; the new Leask Marine Submersible Drilling Rig and the subsea anchoring systems that we will continue to develop under the Raptor Anchoring brand, provide many new market opportunities for offering total anchoring solutions such as Offshore Floating Wind and Aquaculture for deeper and larger grid installations.


Michael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations visited Leask Marine’s offices in Orkney recently. He stated of the purchase:
“We at Scottish Parliament are pleased to see Scottish companies seizing opportunities to expand sectors of economic growth, creating jobs and revenue and building sustainable futures. The Marine sector is vitally important to this growth’.