Developing a streamlined commercialisation pathway for the marine renewable energy industry


Funded by the EU’s Ireland-Wales cooperation programme (INTERREG), SELKIE is a cross-border project which is bringing together leading researchers and businesses to improve the performance of marine energy devices and technologies developed by Welsh and Irish businesses.

University College Cork are leading the project in partnership with Marine Energy Wales, Menter Môn, Swansea University, DP Energy Ireland and Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions.

Selkie aims to support the marine energy sector by developing tools and improving services that will assist developers and supply chain companies to progress towards commercialisation.

These tools include;

  • Technoeconomic models
  • Foundations and mooring designs
  • Sensors and data analysis
  • Array models
  • Operations and maintenance logistics.

As part of the project, the tools will be trialled on wave and tidal devices to test their reliability, survivability and commercial potential. Furthermore, over 150 Irish and Welsh businesses will benefit from the project over three years.

Project Aims

Over the course of the three year project, SELKIE will:

  1. Establish a cross-border network of SMEs and supply chain companies between Ireland and Wales
  2. Conduct industry-academic collaborative Research and Development projects.
  3. Transfer knowledge from the project to wave and tidal industry and stakeholders – advancing the technology sector through validated open source templates and models
  4. Support Irish and Welsh SMEs to progress along the path to commercialisation and higher Technology and Investment Readiness Levels