Nova Innovation


Nova is developing a 1MW array at Ynys Enlli, building on the success of deploying the world’s first commercial tidal array in Shetland in 2016

Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation is one of the world’s leading tidal energy companies. In 2016 they deployed the world’s first offshore array of tidal turbines in Bluemull Sound, Shetland. Nova has chosen Wales as the location for the next stage in their journey of technical innovation to drive down the cost of tidal energy production. Drawing on lessons from the wind industry, they believe the way to do this is to demonstrate commercial devices at a small scale, before scaling up as the technology matures.

Nova’s Ynys Enlli Tidal Energy project will involve placing an array of their M100 100kW turbines in Swnt Enlli (Bardsey Sound) between Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) and the Llŷn Peninsula mainland in north Wales. To deliver the project, Nova will build on their experience and expertise from Shetland, where they have made ground-breaking
technical advances, such as installing Tesla battery storage to deliver baseload tidal power to grid. These advances will help to deliver the Enlli Tidal Energy project, as well as a future Nova Tidal Array within the West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone.

Benefits for Wales

Nova’s ambition for their Ynys Enlli tidal project is to deliver locally generated renewable electricity that will create significant tangible benefits for local people and communities. To date 25% of project spend for their Bluemull Sound project has been in Shetland and 80% in Scotland. Nova hopes to achieve similar levels of local content for their Welsh projects, delivering significant supply chain and employment benefits. Nova is working with regional renewable energy organisation YnNi Llŷn and the Bardsey Island Trust to fully explore the possible local benefits of the Enlli tidal project.