North Wales Tidal Energy


The North Wales Tidal Lagoon is a proposed development stretching over 30km from Llandudno to Prestatyn.

North Wales Tidal Energy

North Wales Tidal Energy is driving development of the North Wales Tidal Lagoon, with a sea wall potentially stretching over 30 km from Llandudno to Prestatyn and impounding an area of 157 km².

With an installed capacity of 2.5GW, generating over 4.5TWh per annum, the North Wales Tidal Lagoon could deliver entirely predictable blue power to over 1 million homes (nearly 90% of the homes in Wales) and create over 20,000 job opportunities across Wales and the UK.

The project’s wide-ranging benefits have gained increasing attention as providing a powerful alternative to the employment and energy gap caused by the suspension of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant.

Benefits for Wales

  • Coastal protection – against rising sea levels and storm surges for the infrastructure, businesses and communities along the coast. Marine and bird life could also benefit from protected waters, sand dunes and breeding sites.
  • CO2 reduction – saving approximately 2 million tonnes of CO2 each year, the lagoon could make a significant contribution to Wales’ ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets.
  • Land capture – by alleviating the risk of flooding, the lagoon could make over 500ha of land available for business and residential development.
  • Reliability and grid stability – the predictability of tidal range and the scale of the North Wales Tidal Lagoon project offers the baseload, energy storage, inertia and voltage/frequency control needed by the National Grid.
  • 100+ year asset – tidal lagoons are designed to last for generations. Once its capital cost has been paid off, the lagoon could deliver ultra-low-cost energy for 70+ years with no waste and no decommissioning needed.