Bombora is an Australian wave developer that has developed an innovative and patented wave energy converter called the mWave™


Bombora is a multi-award-winning ocean energy company that has developed an innovative and patented wave energy converter called the mWave™. Designed in Perth, Western Australia, mWave delivers low cost, low impact, renewable electricity for global commercial use in national and island electricity grids. mWave rests on the sea floor like a fully submerged reef, making it invisible while extracting maximum energy. mWave is non-disruptive to ocean users and can survive stormy conditions. Its flexible rubber membranes pump air through a turbine to generate electricity.

Benefits for Wales

Bombora transferred its operations and core team to Wales at the end of 2017. This team has been strengthened with a major recruitment programme. Bombora now has 24 staff based in Pembroke Dock bringing together a wealth of experience from the marine, energy and offshore operations industries. This recruitment programme coincided with the launch of a 2½ year, £17 million project to construct and test
the first 1.5MW mWave in the ocean off the Pembrokeshire coastline. Critically, Bombora has secured a £10.3 million Welsh European Funding Office grant supporting this project.

Bombora also successfully completed a multi-million capital raise in 2017 with Enzen, a rapidly growing global energy consultancy business. This relationship provides Bombora with access to capital and Enzen’s extensive energy project network and progressive business systems.

Bombora is currently developing long term supply chain relationships with a wide range of specialist suppliers to complete their project in Wales. Bombora has already let contracts to a number of local manufacture and supply companies. These suppliers will support Bombora’s future commercial projects across Europe and the globe.