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Call for sPEAKERS 

We invite pioneers from industry, academia, and various organisations to bring their expertise and insights to the forefront at #MEW2024. If you are spearheading research, harboring novel ideas, or have a deep-seated expertise in the critical areas outlined below, we eagerly anticipate your contributions.

This year, we are accepting submissions for the sessions listed below. We encourage speaker submissions that align with multiple sessions, amplifying the scope and impact of your work. Additionally, if your groundbreaking work extends beyond the highlighted areas, we welcome your submission under the “other” category, recognising the potential of diverse and unconventional perspectives.

Join us in shaping the future landscape of marine energy at #MEW2024. Your unique insights and discoveries hold the potential to spark transformative dialogues and innovations. Let’s collaborate to craft a promising and sustainable future in marine energy.

“Wales is a place where some of the most innovative and creative projects are already happening.”

Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS

First Minister of Wales




You’ve Got To Be Gridding Me

This session will focus on discussing grid challenges, the legislative and policy framework as well as work underway to enhance/develop the grid. Emphasis will be placed on communicating to non-specialist audiences.

Improving Bankability

This session will cover de-risking new technology from an insurance perspective & innovative approaches to project finance. The central question to be addressed in this session will be “How can we make marine renewables more investible?”

Success Comes in Waves

This session will be an open and frank discussion about the challenges and market development opportunities for wave energy, exploring what’s needed to help wave energy catch up with tidal stream.

Challenges in Environmental Monitoring

This session will explore data gaps and technological solutions for improved environmental monitoring and data gathering.

Dynamic Power

This session will explore technological innovation and development in dynamic cabling to date, looking at the TRL level and work still needed to become fully commercially available.

Firmly Anchored

This session will be a deep dive into foundation, mooring and anchor systems for marine energy devices, exploring what can be carried over from oil & gas and how these systems will be optimised in the future.

Environmental Net-Gain

This session will aim to profile best practices in environmental net gain for offshore renewable energy projects and discuss current research gaps.

Harsh Environments

This session will explore mitigative solutions for some of the threats causing assets to degrade in the marine environment such as rust, biofouling and storm damage.

Shared Oceans

This session will explore frameworks for enhanced cooperation between a multitude of different competing and complementary users of the sea.

Utilising Europe’s Largest Tidal Range

This session will explore how GWs of tidal range projects could be successfully and sustainably developed in the Severn Estuary.

Consenting Innovative Projects

This session will explore the unknowns and research gaps associated with consenting new types of offshore renewable energy.

High Tech on the High Seas

This session will explore how emerging technologies in areas such as AI, space assets, block chain and cybersecurity will impact upon the offshore renewable energy sector.

Building the Hydrogen Network

This session will explore work underway building Wales’s hydrogen infrastructure of the future.


Poster presentations on any relevant topic will be considered. Posters will be displayed throughout the event and a focused session will take place where you will have the opportunity to present your work.

Other ideas

If you are working in an area which does not fit other categories, but you believe it needs showcasing, then please feel free to submit an abstract to this session and we will take it into consideration.



How to Apply

Please submit an abstract of your work or reasoning for why you would be suitable for the session(s) selected via the form below.

If applying to exhibit a poster, you are more than welcome to send over a file version. Any questions are to be directed via email to




*Please note, assessment of submissions will take place as they are received, and speaker places offered as appropriate. Therefore, you are encouraged to submit your abstract as soon as you can to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to speak! 

We’ve worked hard to keep our ticket prices as accessible and inclusive as possible. If these are still a barrier to your attendance, please get in touch with to discuss.