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The Sites

The META project consists of eight test sites where marine energy testing activities will be permitted. Five are in META Phase 1 and Three are in META Phase 2.

The proposed sites shown in the map have been chosen as they are accessible, yet still representative of real sea environments. The aim is to make it easier to test marine energy equipment to make sure it is working as expected.

The sites are for testing only and so will not be connected to the National Grid, and devices will be in the water for between 1 – 12 months maximum.

These areas will not be permanent exclusion zones.

During installation and operational activity there may be buffers around devices within the areas but only in the vicinity of the test activity.

We will work with local authorities and our networks to advise of activities underway and notice to mariners will be issued as appropriate.

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Phase 1

The META project Phase 1 sites are directly adjacent to Pembroke Port Infrastructure. These include:

  • Carr Jetty (Site 1)
  • Mainstay Quay (Site 2)
  • Ferryside (Site 3)
  • Quay 1 (Site 4)
  • Criterion Jetty (Site 5)

The activities at these sites will be limited to similar activities already undertaken by the port for other industries, and are deemed to have low to negligible impact on the environment therefore do not require an EIA.

Activities could be any of the following:

  • Dip Testing – Lowering a device/parts of a device in and out of the water repeatedly using a crane or barge
  • Operational Testing – Checking to make sure instruments and components work such as thermometers, speedometers, sonar
  • Deployment and Retrieval – Practicing deploying items from a vessel into the water and retrieving back out of the water
  • Vessel approach and recovery – Practising vessel positioning and recovering items
  • Testing of Health and Safety procedures – Ensuring operations are as safe as they can be for personnel and equipment

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Phase 2

The following three sites make up the META project Phase 2 and will require full Environmental Impact Assessment. Click the maps to view larger images.

Warrior Way

  • Supports the greatest tidal resource in the Milford Haven Estuary (1.2 m/s)
  • Testing of instruments, components, sub-assemblies and small tidal devices
  • Maximum of two devices allowed, but most likely only one device at a time
  • Deployment for up to 6 months

Dale Roads

  • Good wind and wave fetch from the South and Southwest
  • Testing of scaled and full-scale wave devices
  • Maximum of one device tested at a time
  • Deployment for up to 12 months

East Pickard Bay

  • Significant wave resource
  • Testing of full-scale wave devices
  • Maximum of two devices tested at a time
  • Deployment for up to 18 months

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