Marine Power Systems (MPS) has selected Quoceant as a contractor for the delivery of the first stage of WaveSub energy device’s power take-off design.

Under the stage one design workload, the Scottish engineering consultancy Quoceant will work to deliver an overall power take-off (PTO) system design with all major risks addressed ahead of detailed manufacturing designs that will be delivered in stage two of the process.

Originally, the Quoceant team developed and successfully tested the PTO for the Pelamis wave energy device, the principles of which were further refined on a recently concluded Wave Energy Scotland project.

Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer at MPS, said: “Quoceant are a highly talented team with world leading expertise in wave energy power take-off systems and we are delighted to be working with them at MPS. By adopting proven principles and working with such an experienced team MPS is a significant step closer to a successfully proving our novel wave energy converter at large scale”.

Jessica Hooper, Marine Energy Wales said: “We are very excited to see MPS develop and take their device to the next stage working with Quoceant in Scotland continuing to strengthen Celtic relationships in marine renewable energy. We know collaboration is key and the MEW Team and our members continue to work across Wales and cross borders to help develop and support a vibrant and resilient marine renewable energy sector and supply chain.”

Swansea based – MPS is currently developing a project that will demonstrate the WaveSub wave energy device, and DualSub – a technology that can simultaneously capture both wave and wind energy in a single machine – at large scale.

The device is planned to be tested at sea in 2023, according to MPS.

The company noted that the contracts for stage two design and manufacture will be awarded in 2021.