Following over 10 years of successful R&D, Marine Power Systems (MPS) has now developed a revolutionary suite of ocean energy extraction technologies that can harness wave energy, floating wind energy, or the combination of both. MPS is the global pioneer of this patented approach that promises to reduce costs and increase energy yields from the marine energy farms of the future.

Established in 2008, MPS is Wales’ leading home-grown wave energy technology developer. We have developed the patented and multi-award winning, WaveSub Wave Energy Converter (WEC) device to provide sustainable, low cost renewable energy from the sea.

In 2018 MPS successfully concluded a programme of sea testing for its medium scale prototype. Taking place in Cornwall at the marine test site FaBTest over a 12 month period, the test results proved the functionality of the 1:4 scale device across a range of sea states and – crucially – that it is able to generate zero-carbon electricity from ocean waves. The results pave the way for MPS to progress with the design, manufacture and testing of a full scale commercial demonstrator. This journey has not been easy, but it has been enormously rewarding developing and upscaling our technology.

The medium scale prototype testing at FaBTest was a significant step forwards for MPS, and we’re delighted with what we have achieved. We have demonstrated the fundamental USP’s of WaveSub such as its inherent ease of transportation, deployment and maintenance; we have achieved a high level of technical capability with the remote control, monitoring and communication systems; and importantly we have shown we are able to generate grid compliant electricity from ocean waves.

All MPS devices are optimised for efficient, utility scale power generation. The wave energy harvesting technology has class leading energy capture, with the first commercially available machines having a rated power of 4.5MW, increasing to circa 10MW of wave power as the technology is developed.

Devices that utilise a 3rd party wind turbine are able to provide a stable platform for the largest and most powerful wind turbines available today and in the future. Starting at circa 10MW but likely to be over 15MW in coming years, MPS will stay at the cutting edge of wind turbine performance.

MPS technology addresses the key challenges of energy generation at sea and as a result offers the lowest cost of energy possible for deep water ocean energy farms. This advantage is enabled by many innovations in all the areas that contribute to LCoE: yield is increased whilst at the same time CapEx and OpEx are reduced compared to competing options.

All aspects of performance and product life cycle have been considered to ensure that wherever our technology is used it delivers the optimum LCoE and lowest cost of ownership for our customers.

MPS are now undertaking an £18.3m project co funded by WEFO/Welsh Government to design and manufacture a full scale WaveSub wave energy demonstrator, followed by a full sea testing programme in 2022/23. On completion of this project, WaveSub will be re-deployed as DualSub (combined wind and wave energy), proving the full MPS technology suite and accelerating commercialisation activities that will include a WaveSub commercial array in the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone.

Our mission is to become a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of marine energy extraction hardware by having the highest performance and cost-effective technology available in
the market. We are redefining the approach to the utility scale harnessing of our ocean’s huge energy reserves from our base in Wales.

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