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The Welsh Secretary, David TC Davies, was invited to address the UK’s largest event dedicated to ocean power held at Swansea Arena (21-22 March).

The conference brings together industry leaders, researchers, academics and experts to network and learn about exciting developments in tidal stream, tidal range, wave and floating offshore wind energy projects in Wales.

Secretary of State for Wales David TC Davies said:-

 “Wales’ coastlines are home to enormous marine energy potential with some of the best regions for the development of tidal stream, floating offshore wind, tidal range and wave technologies. Harnessing the power of our seas is a vital step in our transition to Net Zero by 2050 and securing our future energy supply – it is incredible to see Wales leading the way. Not only will these industries help take us towards net zero and secure our energy supply, they will be key to driving economic growth and prosperity across our coastal communities, whilst providing high-quality jobs.     

Last week we announced £205 million for the first annual auction of our flagship Contracts for Difference scheme to support new British low-carbon electricity generation. This will help accelerate the deployment of low carbon electricity in Great Britain, support the UK’s climate ambitions and strengthen British energy security.

“We continue to support innovative tidal stream technologies, with a £10 million ringfence in this year’s Allocation Round and I was delighted to see a Welsh project successfully supported through our £20 million ringfence in Allocation Round 4 last year, and look forward to this industry growing in North Wales.

“Our support extends beyond the Contracts for Difference scheme. I am eager to see the floating offshore wind industry thrive in the Celtic Sea, and for Welsh ports to benefit from our £160 million Floating Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme, which we will launch shortly.   

“With this investment, Wales can continue to develop its potential as a leader in renewable technology and contribute to the greener global economy of the future.

“I am conscious that ports are key to delivering a much wider range of technologies beyond floating offshore wind. That is why I was pleased that UK Government could deliver £20million towards the renovation of the breakwater at the Port of Holyhead. I hope that with this investment the breakwater will continue to protect the vital trade and industry passing through the Port of Holyhead for a further hundred and fifty years.

“I have no doubt that Wales can be world leading in marine energy.  I am delighted to see this industry flourishing in Wales, capitalising on 1200 kilometres of coastline to create a successful, decarbonised future whilst driving prosperity.”