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Marine Energy Wales welcomes the recent report by the Institute of Welsh Affairs which outlines how Wales could make the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035. The report details a significant role for marine energy in delivering a renewable future.

The report, “A plan for Wales’ renewable energy future” is the culmination of three years of research by IWA and sets out 10 urgent and essential actions for transitioning to a renewable energy future. Getting ahead in marine energy is one of these 10 actions, and the report states that Wales should establish a global advantage by making marine energy and floating offshore wind technology niche Welsh services.

David Jones, Project Director, Marine Energy Wales, who attended the launch last week commented, “It is positive to see marine energy playing a key role in this comprehensive study and we look forward to working with stakeholders in delivering the ambitions. A transition to a low carbon economy has never been so critical and our oceans will need to play a significant role if we are to mitigate climate change and the impacts upon the future generations.”

Auriol Miller, Director of IWA will be speaking more about the report and the 10-point plan for a renewable Wales at the Marine Energy Wales Annual Conference. Taking place on 4th April in the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, the event is a showcase of Welsh industry and will outline current projects and future plane. Find out more at –