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“At a time when this new sector is really gathering momentum in Wales it is disappointing to hear that a Welsh based company, who have played a key role in the sectors development has gone into administration. It highlights the challenges of being at the forefront of a nascent sector. In the short-term it is important to work with others to ensure that the skills and knowledge of the TEL team are not lost from the area and their experience can assist other companies who are locating in Pembrokeshire. We need to recognise that the Ramsey project delivered on the funded priorities, which were to develop a technology and site, deploy and grid connect a technology and monitor environmental interactions. The project has provided invaluable learning and has assisted local supply chain companies to diversify into a new sector. It is crucial that this experience assists us all moving forward.

The project site, which is grid connected will be a potentially attractive development opportunity for a number of marine energy companies. Pembrokeshire and Wales with its abundant resource, €100 million of EU Structural Funding for marine energy, world class ports and supply chain capability will continue to attract and support this new important energy sector. Minesto, Marine Power Systems and Wave-tricity have all recently chosen Wales as a destination to develop their technologies and there is real progress being made on our two Demonstration Zones. Combined with the exciting opportunities of tidal range the marine energy sector will continue to play an important role in creating new sustainable low carbon jobs in Wales. The UK is leading the world in this new sector but like many other nascent industries it is inevitable that some technologies will not move beyond an R&D phase.”

David Jones, Project Director, Marine Energy Pembrokeshire