Huge resource potential in Wales with up to 6.2GW of estimated generating capacity

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Plenty of land based grid connection opportunities

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The Resource

The Wales coast has a significant wave and tidal stream climate, as well as huge opportunities for tidal range. Welsh Government commissioned the Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework (MRESF) for Wales, a £1 million project mapping resource and potential constraints, which provides developers with an online mapping tool. The project confirmed there is the potential to deliver 6.4 GW installed capacity. 

The Crown Estate’s UK Wave and Tidal Key Resource Areas Project (2012) highlighted Wales as having significant tidal stream and wave resources.

Anglesey has huge potential for tidal stream energy with a peak spring velocity of over 3 m/s. These tidal current speeds combined with water depth and seabed topography are among the best in the EU.

Pembrokeshire has the highest concentration of wave resource in Wales equating to an indicative capacity of up to 5.6 GW providing a significant opportunity for development of the industry.

Tidal range resource is also abundant across Wales and Tidal Lagoon Power aim to deliver up to 9 GW installed capacity through their four tidal lagoon projects across the country.

The Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework for Wales

The Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework for Wales (MRESF) was completed in stages between 2007 and 2011 and shows the wave and tidal resource of Welsh  territorial waters within the context of differing levels of development constraints. The information is held within a web based GIS system and offers developers and planners a useful tool to view resource and potential project constraints. For more information click here. Marine Energy Wales can provide access to the GIS system.