Wave-tricity are the company behind the Ocean Wave Roller, a simple, robust, versatile and portable WEC which is currently in the sea trials phase of development.



Minesto are developing their Deep Green project off Anglesey with a 10MW array

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay


Tidal Lagoon Power are developing the world’s first, man-made, energy-generating lagoon in Swansea Bay


Wave-tricity is the inventor, owner and developer of the Ocean Wave Rower.



The Device

The Ocean Wave Rower is simple, robust, versatile and portable; utilising well understood and reliable components meaning it is able to capture and convert the natural motion of the water into useable dependable power.

It has been designed from the ground up to solve the needs of the 1000’s of Islands around the world. Whilst reduction in carbon consumption is always at the forefront of our mind the ‘OUP’ delivers the following benefits to Island/Coastal nations:

  • Energy security and independence
  • Massively lower cost of energy production
  • Low cost of long term ownership
  • Minimal to zero impact to communities
  • ‘Set it and forget it’ operational routine

 The device will underpin a wide range of product capabilities that will not only provide energy to homes across the globe, but is aimed also at nations/islands principally where the cost of generation and energy security are of national importance. It will also be utilised to offer a desalination solution and to assist Disaster Relief providing a rapidly deployable and robust platform from which to generate clean water and energy to disaster hit regions across the world.


Project details

With Phase one of this exciting project now complete, Phase two sea trials are now underway. Phase three, the manufacture of a full scale model is scheduled for 2019.


In July 2016 funding was secured from the EU through the Welsh Government for the development and testing of the device.