Pembroke Dock Marine


Working to develop a world class centre for marine energy development

Marine Power Systems


Developing the WaveSub, a second generation device designed to address the challenges of extracting wave energy.



Minesto are developing their Deep Green project off Anglesey with a 10MW array

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay


Tidal Lagoon Power are developing the world’s first, man-made, energy-generating lagoon in Swansea Bay

Pembroke Dock Marine

Pembroke Dock Marine will develop a world class centre for marine energy development, fabrication, testing and deployment. It will act as both catalyst and home for what is a potentially powerful global market by offering unrivalled location, knowledge, supply chain and connectivity. It will help to nurture developing technology and minimise risk for investors in a fast growing sector where there is so much to play for.

Pembroke Dock Marine is a part of the wider Swansea Bay City Deal which aims to drive the Welsh economy forwards, increasing productivity, supporting jobs and increasing investment in the Swansea Bay City Region. 

The Pembroke Dock Marine project is made up of 4 pillars:

Marine Energy Test Area (META)

Marine Energy Test Area (META), delivered by Marine Energy Wales, is focused on supporting early stage marine energy technology developers by providing ‘Rochdale Envelope’ consent to a suite of areas in and around the Milford Haven Waterway. META will enable technology developers to quickly and cheaply perform tests on components, sub-assemblies and complete devices, and practice installation and O&M methodologies in increasing levels of environmental exposure from near their base of operation and within easy reach of an extensive, and supportive, engineering supply chain.

Marine Energy Wales

Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE)

Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE), delivered by ORE Catapult, will provide specialist knowledge, experience and capability for the benefit of the marine energy industry. MEECE will provide a centre for collaboration through coordinated, joint-industry / cross-industry approaches, whilst disseminating lessons learned for future projects and improving industry productivity and effectiveness.

MEECE will bring the expertise and capabilities of Welsh universities, and of the ORE Catapult, into direct contact with technology developers and their supply chains, supporting more innovation, and capturing and embedding that innovation in Wales. It will be based in Pembroke Port.

ORE Catapult

Pembroke Dock Infrastructure

Pembroke Dock Infrastructure (PDI), delivered by the Port of Milford Haven, will see the creation of large open plan fabrication and laydown areas and land to sea transition space suited to the needs of modern industry. In total 46,529m2 of work area (15,584m2 with engineered concrete surface) will be created. A new supersize slipway will ensure maximum deployment flexibility and efficiency. The development will also include amenity enhancement and the extension of berthing space for the use of marine energy work boats.

This redevelopment with be essential for the accommodation of further investment from the energy sector, including technology developers, manufacturers and associated supply chains. This will enable the existing capacity to work to economies of scale not currently possible, and also enable new capacity to be supported from prototype manufacture and early testing, through to full-scale, serial manufacture, deployment at commercial scale, together with ongoing operations and maintenance.

Port of Milford Haven

Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone

Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone, delivered by Wave Hub Limited, will target wave and floating wind technologies ready for array scale deployment. At 90 sq km it is the largest seabed agreement for wave energy in the world. PDZ builds on the existing test facilities across the UK, ensuring that developers have access in the UK to a logical stepping stone designed to prove commercial viability.

Wave Hub