Enterprise Zones


Two Enterprise Zones located perfectly located in to complement the work of the Demonstration Zones.

Demonstration Zones


Home to Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone and West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone

Support Facilities


Experienced energy sector facilities and workforce

Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone offers to both renewable and traditional energy companies an established industry base and supply chain together with a skilled workforce, an established distribution infrastructure, plus a variety of sites to suit a range of needs, and a network of universities with expertise in a range of energy-related fields.

The availability of a deep sea port combined with marine conditions suited to both wave and tidal technologies plus the added benefit of having grid access makes Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone an especially attractive location for Marine Energy companies as they move to demonstrate small and larger arrays.

Every business is different and requires tailored market solutions for growth. The area offers competitive operating costs for businesses. As a Tier 1 area companies in the Zone can benefit from the highest level of grant aid in the UK. SMEs and new starts within the Zone may be entitled to apply forĀ a Business Rate Scheme, offering financial support for business rates liabilities incurred.

Companies located within specific areas of the Zone may be entitled to apply for Enhanced Capital Allowances to cover the capital cost of investment in plant and equipment.