Enterprise Zones


Two Enterprise Zones located perfectly located in to complement the work of the Demonstration Zones.

Demonstration Zones


Home to Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone and West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone

Support Facilities


Experienced energy sector facilities and workforce

Anglesey Enterprise Zone

The assignment of Enterprise Zone status to the island of Anglesey complements the existing Energy Island Programme, set up to bring high skilled jobs to the area from major energy investments and establish the island as a world renowned centre of excellence in low carbon energy generation.

Anglesey has an established reputation for low carbon energy generation including nuclear, wind and biomass. Given its natural resources (wind, solar and marine), skilled workforce (especially nuclear related skills), supply chain and research and development capability, the island already attracts major interest from the low carbon energy sector.

The Energy Island Programme (EIP), part of the Enterprise Island Framework, is a key driver for delivering exciting opportunities for Wales’ renewable energy sector. Enterprise Zone status emphasises the Welsh Government’s commitment to realising the EIP vision. 

Anglesey Enterprise Zone has a number of major strategic investment projects in the pipeline, presenting exciting supply chain opportunities for local companies and future companies locating to the Enterprise Zone.

Enterprise Zone status will accelerate the investment required to secure the island’s future as a leading location for future low carbon energy innovation, generation and demonstration. This will include regeneration, infrastructure and property requirements, as well as ICT communications through to power, transportation and water for key sites within the zone. 

Businesses locating to or expanding within the Enterprise Zone will have direct access to key decision-makers within the Welsh Government and access to the Welsh Government’s outstanding package of business support.