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Two Enterprise Zones located perfectly located in to complement the work of the Demonstration Zones.

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Home to Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone and West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone

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Experienced energy sector facilities and workforce

Enterprise Zones

Enterprise Zones are areas designated by the Welsh Government whose primary aim is to attract new business and strengthen Wales’ economy, making it more competitive. Several marine energy companies have already benefited from locating within Enterprise Zones saving them money and allowing them to spend more on their technology.

The Anglesey Enterprise Zone and the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone are both perfectly located in the North and South of the country to complement the work of the Demonstration Zones.

Business Wales outline 10 reasons to locate within a Welsh Enterprise Zone:

1. Support from a pro-business Government

With our own devolved Government, here in Wales we can give you easy access to decision-makers to help fast-track your location to one of our Enterprise Zones.  We’ll offer you an outstanding package of business support and a single point of contact to help you through the process.

2. Tailored incentives

Every business is different and requires tailored market solutions for growth. We offer a range of support and incentives to kick-start your move to one of our Enterprise Zones.

3. Access to finance

Whether you’re locating to, starting up or expanding within our Zones, you can take advantage of a range of our competitive finance packages.  You can also call on commercial finance from a range of financial institutions like Finance Wales. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

4. A skilled workforce

The Welsh economy is built upon the strengths and skills of our people. You’ll find a wealth of enthusiastic, skilled workers and graduates from our Universities, readily available at competitive costs. Wales also has a long tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence, not to mention expertise in energy and environment, IT, financial and professional services.  Locate your business to one of our Enterprise Zones and you’ll benefit from generous training support for employers.

5. Industry-led academic research

Wales’ academic institutions are commercially focused and research driven.  Our Enterprise Zones are committed to bringing academic skills and the research needs of businesses within the Zones closer together.  We’ll ensure you receive the academic support you need to carry out commercially focused research.

6. Business-ready infrastructure

As the key economic priority areas for Wales, Enterprise Zones will be amongst the first to benefit from superfast broadband. Thanks to our investment in fibre-based services, your business will benefit from the ICT infrastructure support you need to succeed.

7. Faster planning decisions

If you’re moving location, your business may well need new premises or a new development.  We’ve done what we can to save you time and money.  Supported by the Welsh Government Planning Improvement Fund, some of our Enterprise Zones will use New Local Development Orders to make planning simpler.

8. Customers on your doorstep

Our Enterprise Zones offer you an unrivalled opportunity to locate your business alongside long-established industries, exploit supply chains into major industry players, and capitalise on strategic projects planned for the Zones. View the data map.

9. Quality of life

Our Enterprise Zones don’t just cater to your business needs, they can add something to your quality of life too.  You’ll find stunning landscapes and breathtaking coastal views, all within easy reach of major towns and cities. 

10. Proximity to Markets

Located in Wales, your business will have easy access to key industry hubs in the UK and beyond. You’ll benefit from excellent road, air and rail links to England, Europe and to the rest of the world.

Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone offers to both renewable and traditional energy companies an established industry base and supply chain together with a skilled workforce, an established distribution infrastructure, plus a variety of sites to suit a range of needs.

Anglesey Enterprise Zone

Anglesey has an established reputation for low carbon energy generation including nuclear, wind and biomass. Given its natural resources (wind, solar and marine), skilled workforce (especially nuclear related skills), supply chain and research and development capability, the island already attracts major interest from the low carbon energy sector.