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€100.4 million EU structural funds prioritised for marine energy in Wales

West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone

The West Anglesey Tidal Demonstration Zone is an area which has been identified by the Crown Estate as being a suitable location for the installation of marine energy devices in the short to medium term. The Zone has a good tidal current resource and a relatively low wave regime. 

The Zone comprises of 37km² and is generally based around the promontory of Holy Island. It is this geographical feature which leads to the acceleration of flows in this region. The flow will vary across the site with higher levels experienced closer to the North West tip of Holy Island. The area designated for the Zone is shown in the diagram below.


Morlais Marine Energy was established by Menter Môn following its appointment as the Managers for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone by The Crown Estate.

Menter Môn is a third sector social enterprise delivering projects across North Wales in various sectors. The motivation for applying to be the Third Party Manager was to establish Anglesey as a marine energy hub and secure maximum added value for the local economy. 

The West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is one of several around the United Kingdom which have been leased out by The Crown Estate in a bid to encourage and accelerate technology development. Each of the zones were identified because they offer appropriate wave and tidal energy potential and access to necessary infrastructure, including ports and electricity grid. The Anglesey Zone was primarily selected for its tidal resource. As the Third Party Manager Menter Môn will manage and sub-let areas within the Zone for test and demonstration activities alongside some of the first array scale commercial projects. They will also seek to add value to the Zone by undertaking consenting activities and establishing grid connection to further support subtenant projects. Wherever possible the aim will be to seek to develop and utilise local supply chains.