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€100.4 million EU structural funds prioritised for marine energy in Wales

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Marine Energy Infrastructure Study

To follow on from MRESF, the Welsh Government comissioned the Marine Renewable Infrastructure Study. This involved preparation of a number of options for marine energy development and particularly the associated marine infrastructure that needs to be provided to support energy developers. “In understanding the ‘Infrastructure’ required, we need to consider everything that supports the actual energy generators themselves, ranging from foundations, moorings, navigational marks and lights, cables, connecting hubs, communications, landfall and grid connection, highway access, ports services and even proximity to demand and consenting requirements.”

Stage 1 – “We will engage with stakeholders to identify industry needs. In order to promote discussion we have proposed a number of alternative non-site-specific development concepts that could be used to support the Marine Renewables Industry. These could be small scale test facilities for single devices, multi-device arrays, or full-scale commercial deployment sites. These outline concept proposals cover both wave and tidal energy. Stage 1 was completed in 2012.

Stage 2 – “Having determined industry requirements and understood the appetite for provision of infrastructure to support marine energy development, the second phase will consider the MRESF data in detail to allow us to find suitable sites for the short-listed development concepts within Welsh Waters, taking into account energy resources, grid connection and landfall arrangements, environmental sensitivities, consenting requirements, local ports and supply chain. It is anticipated that the project will recommend one or several individual projects within specified deployment zones to be taken forward to more detailed feasibility studies and eventual construction.” The final reports can be downloaded below.