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Marine Energy Pembrokeshire Research Evaluation

On behalf of Welsh Government, Marine Energy Pembrokeshire conducted a Welsh Marine Energy Research Evaluation; the primary aim of the study being to maximise the future benefits of Welsh marine energy research, in order to accelerate the commercialisation of the wave and tidal sector.

MEP established a research task and finish group to carry out the evaluation to include industry, academic institutes and regulatory bodies.  All have had considerable input into each of the three work packages and their contributions have been invaluable.

Marine Energy Research Review

Work package 1 involved the identification of marine energy research achieved to date aiming to improve its accessibility and identify a repository for future work.  Specifically, this involved:

  • Design of a suitable database to capture results
  • Gathering of research to input into database

The Welsh Offshore Energy Research Database (WOERD) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Research review and recommendations

Further work packages included conducting a review of collaboration and industry coordination in Wales, aiming to assess industry benefits and challenges of former research projects along with identifying future mechanisms to build on collaboration and co-ordination across Wales.

The Research Evaluation culminated in a report which is available on request. This report identified 19 research priorities for Wales over the next 3-5 years:-

  • Establish WOERD database as a central hub for all future research projects
  • Place a condition on all future WEFO funded research that it be publically accessible and hosted on the WOERD
  • Use WOERD database to highlight gaps in research and to aide development of research priorities for Wales
  • Integrate WOERD database with national / international research portals as well as the MRESF
  • Allocation of appropriate budget for maintenance of WOERD database
  • Host WOERD on MEP website
  • Welsh Government to investigate the need for a Welsh Marine Energy Research Strategy in the light of ORJIP
  • Formally establish Welsh Marine Energy Research Group (WMERG)
  • WMERG to provide early stage project screening for marine energy research projects prior to approval
  • WMERG to provide group with overview of HRA / EIA requirements and TINA / Aquatera research
  • Development of Welsh marine energy research priorities through WMERG
  • WMERG to standardise research project co-ordination framework to include inception meeting with industry / regulator / researcher and regular stage gates
  • Regular WMERG liaison with and participation on ORJIP and international research programmes
  • WMERG to help develop of commercial scale research standards
  • WMERG to undertake research capabilities and gap analysis
  • WEFO projects -Greater emphasis on larger projects with increased resources and time to deliver
  • WEFO projects – Reduce / streamline administration for projects
  • WEFO projects – Provide guidance on consultancy vs. research, project eligibility, ‘funded assist’
  • Prioritisation of Demonstration Zones research programme to provide a ‘test bed’ for wider industry learning on marine energy deployment