Marine Energy Wales


Kent has been awarded the Owner’s Engineer contract for the Llŷr 1 and 2 wind farms in the Celtic

Seas by developer Floventis Energy Ltd. This is a joint venture between Cierco, a renewable energy

project development company, and SBM Offshore, specialists in floating offshore energy.


Llŷr, a flagship project for the UK, will further transform the world’s ability to generate renewable

electricity from wind. Llŷr projects are demonstrating the potential of two innovative floating

offshore wind platforms within an array of 6 – 8 units each.


On this project and in partnership with Vekta Group, Kent will provide multidisciplinary Owner’s

Engineer support, covering CDM, Hull and Mooring, Electrical, WTG, Site layout, Geotechnical,

Metocean, and project management.


The two 100 MW projects are progressing through pre-FEED, expecting to reach a commercial

operation date by 2027. The Llŷr projects will allow floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, with two

test and demonstration arrays that will power in the region of 200,000 homes with 200MW of clean



Cerianne Cummings, Kent’s Offshore Wind Market Director, said: “Kent’s knowledge and

experience in the fixed and floating wind are unrivalled, which positions us as the ideal company to

provide the expertise required on this project.”


“We continually strive to push the boundaries of water depth, seabed type, standardisation,

optimisation and asset management. We are proud to be part of this project, which is paving the

way toward the commercialisation of floating wind and, therefore, a cleaner and greener future for

everyone. We are very excited to be a part of the transition and look forward to working with

Floventis on this milestone project.”



David Keenlyside, Engineering Director for Floventis, said “The Llŷr wind farms are significant

stepping stone projects for the floating wind sector – these two projects are a crucial step as we

move towards commercial scale floating projects across the UK and beyond. As part of our

commitment to delivering local economic and social value, we are working with our global network

of partners to demonstrate new technology, advance the UK’s energy security and importantly

create new opportunities for the local supply chain.”


Kent is one of the leading providers of engineering and design services to the global offshore wind

industry, involved in developing 70% of all UK offshore wind farms and developing the first certified

project using the PISA geotechnical design. In the last decade, Kent has delivered 11GW+ operational

wind farms, 1,500+ offshore wind structures, and 20+ offshore substations.


Floventis will deliver 20% of the 1 GW UK Government target for floating wind before 2030, setting a

new standard for cost reduction pathways for large scale floating offshore wind developments in the



1 1Based on R-UK statistics using BEIS data