Submit Application

Submit Application

Marine Licence

Thirteen copies of the marine licence application and supporting documents need to be submitted for consultation purposes.

Please click here to access the marine licence application form

If all documents can be sent electronically, NRW will accept the application by email. Otherwise CD copies are acceptable. NRW will however require 1 hard copy of all application documents for their own review and record.  Applications must be accompanied by the relevant fee (see ‘Fees’ below), and an ES, where required.  An annual monitoring fee will also be payable for most renewable energy applications in addition to the costs detailed below.

Band Generating Capacity (megawatts) Fee (£)
Licence applications
Band 1 0 to 0.99 2,000
Band 2 1 to 4.99 6,000
Band 3 5 to 99 26,222
Band 4 100 and above 38,650
Monitoring and licence management (Payable annually)
Band 1 0 to 0.99 1,100
Band 2 1 to 4.99 2,250
Band 3 5 to 99 8,270
Band 4 100 and above 8,387

To view the non-technical summary for the Tidal Energy Limited and Marine Current Turbines proposals, please click on the links below. To acquire access to the full Environmental Statements, please contact these organisations directly.

European Protected Species Licence

NRW require one original and 2 paper copies of each part of the EPS application. This includes the application form, method statement, maps/plans and survey as appropriate.