Pre-application Discussion

Pre-application Discussion

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has a role both as a regulator and a statutory advisor.

Natural Resources Wales Marine Licensing Team (NRW MLT) is responsible for the determination of marine licence applications, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation. It is the first point of contact for all queries relating to the deployment of offshore renewable energy. NRW MLT took over marine licensing responsibilities from Welsh Government in April 2013 and now undertake the Marine Licensing function on behalf of the Welsh Ministers.  In addition NRW MLT is also responsible for issuing marine European Protected Species Licences.

Once projects are in the formal screening and/or scoping, or licence application stage, NRW MLT takes the lead role in facilitating engagement with relevant external parties in relation to project specific requirements and ensures that consultation proceeds in a timely and effective manner.

There is no legal requirement for developers to consult Natural Resources Wales before they apply for a marine licence. However early contact is recommended and promoted, to avoid problems arising at later stages in project development. At an early stage Natural Resources Wales can provide project specific advice (including on the need for any survey requirements to inform the application), information on the licensing process, identify existing relevant environmental information and datasets and signpost developers to key stakeholders.

Queries about the licensing process, and formal screening / scoping requests are dealt with by NRW MLT, whilst most other pre-application issues, including discussions about site selection and project specific advice, are dealt with by staff in NRW Advisory.  All initial enquiries should be directed to NRW MLT who may pass enquiries onto relevant staff within NRW Advisory.

Contact Natural Resources Wales

By Email:

By Post: Marine Licensing Team, Cardiff Permitting Centre Natural Resources Wales, 29 Newport Road, Cambria House, Cardiff, CF24 0TP.

By Telephone: 0300 065 3000

Please note all applications, variations, scoping and screening requests should be addressed to the Permit Receipt Centre at the following address:

Permit Receipt Centre, Natural Resources Wales, 29 Newport Road, Cambria House, Cardiff, CF24 0TP.


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