NRW must consider the need to protect the environment, human health, legitimate uses of the sea and any other matters they think relevant into consideration when deciding whether to grant a licence. This includes sites of historic or archaeological interest.

NRW will take decisions in accordance with relevant marine planning documents (i.e. the Marine Policy Statement and any relevant Marine Plan(s)) unless relevant considerations indicate otherwise and will not issue a licence for any activity that is contrary to international or European law.

There is no service level determination timescale for Marine Licence applications involving EIA. 

Supplementary Environmental Information

If an Environmental Impact Assessment has been properly scoped out, it should contain all of the information required to enable the licensing authorities to make consent decisions.  However, occasionally additional information or data may be requested by the Licensing Authority to provide further information or clarity on key issues.  This is referred to as Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI).  Applicants should make every effort to ensure that their Environmental Statements are comprehensive and fit for purpose, to remove the need for SEI, since its production, analysis and interpretation can cause significant delay to consenting processes.