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Marine energy education resources 

Marine Energy Wales and its parent company Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, have developed education resources to inform the public about marine energy and the opportunity it presnts.

Our “Coastal Curriculum” programme educates young people about the pressures that are currently being put on our coast and seas. The aim is to inspire them to live a more sustainable lifestyle and unlock an interest in the possibility of exciting local careers here in Wales. Through expert led lessons and activities, both in school and out by the sea, the programme works to connect students to the physical, human and environmental elements of the coast.

educational resources

If you are interested in finding out more about out education programme, or if you are a marine energy company that would like to get involved in the delivery of our workshops please get in touch.

We have recently developed our online education resources which are available to download and use. These materials are to be freely shared but are required to be credited. We have created an introduction to Marine Energy powerpoint (with notes), as well as a follow up exercise, available in both English and Welsh.



If you have any queries on the above, or are interested in Marine Energy Wales hosting a workshop, then please get in touch. Email education@marineenergywales.co.uk


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