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Marine Energy Wales brings together technology developers, the supply chain, academia and the public sector aiming to establish Wales as a global leader in sustainable marine energy generation and making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

The benefits of this industry are being felt throughout the entire supply chain creating green sustainable jobs, growth and skills, providing significant development opportunities for Wales.

What does Marine Energy Wales do?

Our aim is to create a thriving and diverse sustainable marine energy industry in Wales by:


  • Providing support and guidance for the marine energy sector by means of a single point of access, helping the sector to develop skills, make sound business decisions and connecting businesses with key industry contacts.
  • Encouraging learning and collaboration through regular working group meetings which are viewed as unique on a UK level and highly valued by industry, allowing accelerated business-to-business relationships and knowledge sharing.
  • Raising awareness of the country’s key development opportunities, allowing the unlocking of creativity and ideas for the development of the sector through ongoing stakeholder engagement, including the annual Marine Energy Conference that attracts delegates from across the world.
  • Providing a conduit for information between industry, public sector agencies and Government and providing representation at relevant Governmental departmental and Ministerial level, maintaining the key profile of the marine energy opportunity and ensuring that it features strongly in energy policy.
  • Encouraging wide participation in the marine energy industry through widespread networking at local, national and global marine energy events.
  • Promoting wider public understanding of the benefits of marine energy including the commitment to developing a low carbon sustainable economy which utilises out world leading position to create significant job and growth opportunities within the country.


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Contact: Holly Pretious, Project Coordinator
(+44)1646 405690



“The Marine Energy Wales team is a pleasure to work with.  It is well run, open, positive, informative, responsive and inclusive.  It is an extremely useful point of contact for the development of our interests in Wales.”

Robert East, UK Development Manager, OpenHydro


”It is too difficult to build a new industry on your own. Developers, suppliers and public actors in marine energy has to work closely together to secure the path towards commercial breakthrough. Marine Energy Wales is the driver and enabler of such collaboration and thus plays a vital role for Minesto to succeed in our number one market, Wales.”

Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto