Regional Support and Delivery


Helping projects in North and South Wales



Huge resource potential in Wales with up to 6.2GW of estimated generating capacity

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Welsh Government is strongly committed to ‘unlocking the energy in our seas’

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Consenting Guidance


To assist with the application process for marine licences

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Regional Support and Delivery

With €100.4 million of EU structural funding prioritised for marine energy in Wales over the next 5 years, Wales is well positioned to play a global leading role in marine energy. With a tidal demonstration zone off the coast of West Anglesey and a wave demonstration zone off the coast of South Pembrokeshire, regional support is available in both areas to assist developers in the delivery of their projects.


Morlais Marine Energy was created by Menter Môn following its appointment as the managers for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone by The Crown Estate. Menter Môn is a third sector social enterprise delivering projects across North Wales in various sectors. Menter Môn was established in 1995 to deliver EU rural development programmes, with its primary aim is to facilitate rural economic regeneration on Anglesey.

Menter Môn’s primary motivation for acting as the manager for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is to secure maximum benefit for the economy of Anglesey. The project will involve developing the zone to accommodate marine technology developers as well as servicing their requirements once they have located on Anglesey. Both elements will require a wide range of services and skills which should be accessed locally whenever possible and practical. As managers of the zone, Morlais will manage and sub-let areas for test and demonstration activities alongside some of the first array scale commercial projects. They will also seek to add value to the zone by undertaking consenting activities and establishing grid connection to further support subtenant projects.

Marine Energy Pembrokeshire

Marine Energy Pembrokeshire is a project run by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum a Community Interest Company which was established in 2000. Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum has sustainable development of the coast at its core and with that aim originates, manages and delivers marine related projects for the community, public, private and third sectors. Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum continues to manage Marine Energy Pembrokeshire alongside other relevant coastal projects that are viewed as best practice nationally.

Since inception, Marine Energy Pembrokeshire has experienced rapid growth. Working Group membership has expanded from 8 original members to present levels of 80 which include tier 1 Welsh supply chain companies and all relevant UK organisations. The interest in Wales as a key contender for the development of marine energy is largely due to the work developed and delivered by Marine Energy Pembrokeshire. This is reflected in both the numbers at Working Group meetings and the Marine Energy Pembrokeshire Seminar which has been fully booked since 2010.

Marine Energy Pembrokeshire’s primary aim is to create a thriving centre of excellence for the Marine Renewable Energy industry by:

  • Providing support and guidance for the marine energy sector
  • Raising awareness of the region’s key development opportunities
  • Providing a conduit for information between industry, public sector agencies and Government
  • Promoting wider understanding of the benefits of marine energy