Marine Power Systems


Developing the WaveSub, a second generation device designed to address the challenges of extracting wave energy.



Minesto are developing their Deep Green project off Anglesey with a 10MW array

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay


Tidal Lagoon Power are developing the world’s first, man-made, energy-generating lagoon in Swansea Bay

Marine Power Systems Ltd

Marine Power Systems (MPS) Ltd. was founded specifically to develop the WaveSub Wave Energy Converter (WEC) – a second generation device that directly addresses the fundamental challenges of extracting wave energy.

With four key innovations that make it stand out from other WEC’s, the WaveSub is easy to install and retrieve, has a low cost of construction and is immensely efficient in power generation:

  • Efficient Energy – with a subsurface orbiting energy capture system, the WaveSub harnesses the entire energy cycle of the wave
  • Survivability – to combat the harsh environment, the WaveSub is depth adjustable allowing it to descend beneath storms when necessary.
  • Transportation, Operation & Maintenance – the floating surface configuration of the WaveSub makes it exceptionally easy to transport, install and maintain
  • Capital Costs – the WaveSub is low cost and efficient to manufacture due to its small size (for power produced), simple shape, and low structural loads

Project Details

WaveSub has the potential to substantially reduce the Cost of Energy associated with energy generation from waves. MPS has completed two Phases of the development of the technology and is currently undertaking Phase 3: Design, Build and Testing of a ¼ scale prototype

Phase 1 delivered a proof of principle prototype device that has undergone successful sea trials and energy generation tests at the world renowned National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC). The operating principles and ability to generate energy were proven by this prototype.

Phase 2 was a detailed desk engineering project to fully understand the cost of energy that the WaveSub was likely to deliver. This project comprised an energy generation simulation exercise, a design feasibility and costings of the power take off system and structure, and the production and costing of a maintenance plan for the WaveSub. The Phase ended with the testing of a second scaled prototype at the COAST laboratory, Plymouth.

Phase 3 will see MPS design, build and test a ¼ scale prototype at sea. MPS have selected a number of industry expert project partners and subcontractors who are integral to delivering this phase, with fabrication and testing due to commence in 2016.